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Dive into your next adventure and visit an underwater winery in Croatia

Dive into your next adventure and visit an underwater winery in Croatia: The Pelješac peninsula is known for good wine, fresh oysters, and the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic sea.

Bianca Klement
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This dive will be a highlight in your logbook
The mystery of Edivo Vina winery

This unique winery on the Adriatic coast is a dream destination for adventurous wine lovers. The amphorae may look like ancient treasures, all covered with seashells and seaweed when they emerge from the deep, but they actually contain red wine, perfectly tempered and safely stored below the surface of the sea.

Navis Mysterium, or The Sea Mystery as this wine has been christened by Edino Vina, is stored for 700 days on an old sunken fishing boat at a depth of around 14 meters. The storage isn’t just something to attract tourists either – the conditions at the bottom of the sea are surprisingly ideal for storing wine. The water keeps the bottles chilled, while the thick rubber layers around the amphorae make them impermeable to air and light.

Dark and cool. Excellent conditions for fabulous wine
Dive for your wine

The underwater wine cellar of Edivo Vina is located at Drače, on the peninsula of Pelješac. If you're a licensed diver, you can gear up and dive for your own bottle of underwater aged wine, exploring the wreck and the vinery on the bottom of the Adriatic sea on your own personal treasure hunt. Back on dry land, you can enjoy your recovered red wine alongside fresh oysters – a popular pairing in Croatia.

If you're not a licensed diver, you can enjoy a nice glass of Navis Mysterium at the wine bar too. Edivo Vina offers wine tastings to help visitors get familiar with the whole production process, while the winery is a wonderful blend of family tradition, delicious wine, and seafront views.

It mighty look like a relic of the past, but it's definitely still good to drink
Treasure from the sea
Sea crusted patina
Explore the Pelješac peninsula

The peninsula in the south of Croatia is known for its dramatic blend of rocky mountains, lush vegetation, and the Adriatic coast – all paired perfectly with sunny weather nearly all year round.

Not all of the local wine is kept under the waves either, with plenty of wineries and historic wine cellars to explore on land. There's also a range of other outdoor activities to make the most of the weather:

→ Visit Walls of Ston, Europe’s longest fortification

→ Enjoy excellent conditions for Windsurfers and divers

→ Explore an authentic Franciscan Monastery

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